Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brain Droppings....

No matter what your political view...Ann Coulter is a bonafide BITCH!

on Immigration...
If you want to be an American...LEARN THE LANGUAGE

If you are a foreigner and you break the law...bye bye! I dont care how many people you are supporting, they all go back too. If you come here, STAY LEGAL!

If your country is so great, WHY DID YOU LEAVE?


I think that all Politicians should have to show a report card to all of their constiuents on how they voted, and then be graded on it, if you have a c or better, then you can run for re-election. If you have a C- or Lower, you CAN NOT run again.

All Lobbyists should have to report on national news during prime time who they paid off and how much they paid, and for what.

When a politician drafts a bill, of ANY kind, it should only be on the one subject, no riders! PERIOD!

Line item veto should be required!

All Politicians that vote against Universal Health Care should have to use only the worst Drs and Hospitals in the land. NO INSURANCE EITHER

I think that pets should have health care too!

If your Dr. Doesn't make you well, why should you PAY him, hasnt he fallen down on the job?

If you are over the age of 62, you should not have to pay taxes any more. Including Real Estate taxes.

Ok, I posted. SO do you agree or disagree?

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