Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This and That...

I have been neglecting my blog for quite awhile now. I have been trying to get in here and post, but my life seems so BORING to me, and I am sure that reading about the birds and the cats and the squirrels and the weather for the umpteenth time cant be all that interesting to you either. I was talking to OMNIPOTENTBENEVOLENTEMPRESS and She has the same problem. We discovered that we both have been so busy with LIFE that we have not had a chance to sit and THINK.

I can write, when I have a chance to THINK, and sometimes I even amaze myself and write something worthwhile. Just lately I have not had a moment that was not filled with thinking about what I have to get accomplished and not just to think about what is WORTH thinking about. DOes that make sense?

I cant get started on a project, because I am afraid I will forget that I have to go somewhere...swimming, theater, etc. So I just am spinning here.

I so NEED to get back into writing, as it is so therapeudic. I feel alive, when I can just sit and type away, and then stop and read what I have written and find that WOW!! That came out of ME!!!

Charlie Brown is going well! 2 more weeks to go, and it is over. A CHorus Line AUditions in two weeks, so I am gearing up for that one. Twelve Angry Men has just been approved, so When DOttie gets back home from here vacation, we will have a meeting for that show and get rolling on that one. No auditions for it, as it is an Off-Season show, so It can be pre-cast. We just need to start rehearsing. I have also started getting in gear for MY show which runs in April of Next Year...SOCIAL SECURITY...a comedy about living with your children and still having a life. FUNNY!

I am taking care of Dottie's two cats, TIppy and Tyler, while she is gone, so my house is a real zoo! The kitten has adapted well, and even was all curled up and sleeping with Sadie this afternoon. He is such a little SHIT! I can not get over all the joy he has brought into my life. I woke up in the middle of the night, and Schroeder was asleep between my boobs, just purring softly in his sleep. AWWWWWWW!! THen when I woke up and went out of the bedroom, I found the 8.00 ball of wool that he had crocheted the furniture together with. All of it wound into and out of the legs of all the furniture in the livingroom and dining room. He was a busy little boy, no wonder he was sleeping so soundly!

Today is the first day in a while that I have not had to be anywhere, and what have I done with it? Not a damn thing! I just slugged all day, woke up early, drank a pot of coffee and watched tv. Such a waste huh? NOT! It felt so damn good...

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