Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I am going to try and post, but I have been trying for three days and my puter freezes before it posts. I am so afraid that I will be needing a new one real soon! GAWD!!!

Our Community Pool opened on Monday, so I grapped my dumbells and toddled on down there. I almost did not go as it was COLD up on the hill where my house is, a raw wind coming right up the strait! I went down and signed in, purchasing my seasonal pass, and going on in. It was full of rude teenagers, who thought that they were the ones that the pool was opened for. When Adult Swim was on, I was the only one in the pool, and I did my aquarobics excersises all by myself. The pool was WONDERFUL!!! It is an outdoors pool, and they had it up to 90 F! AHHHHHHHHH So as long as I stayed in the water, I was warm, and I worked out the full 45 minutes. Then they blew the whistle and 30,000 brats jumped into the pool. SO I got out, and told the cashier I would be back when it was more civil.

I am getting old. I can not stand kids making noise just to make noise, and SCREAMING teenage girls are the worst of the bunch.

OH OH!!!! it is blinking like it is gonna freeze up again, so I am outa here....

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