Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Very happy Patron!!

The following letter was sent to the Office about our play! As you know from reading this blog in the past, There was quite a contention about the subject matter of the play. Several members of OUR Board of DIrectors wanted to stop this from happening. I was already in production, so it was too late. We have had those Board members come see it, LAUGH and say it was GREAT! Now to see a letter from a patron really puts the frosting on the cake.

Dear Whidbey Island Playhouse,

For the past 30+ years, my husband and I have been faithful season ticket subscribers to the Seattle Repertory Theater, Intiman Theatre, A Contemporary Theater, the Paramount, and the Fifth Avenue Theater, and the Seattle Symphony (all in Seattle). Sometimes it was difficult to juggle the tickets when some presentations occurred on the same evening.

On opening night, we attended your production of "Social Security". We thought it was one of the funniest, timely, and best plays we have ever seen. (And we've seen a lot of Broadway shows in New York, too).

We couldn't understand why anyone would be offended by this play. Doesn't everyone have sex in their life? (Or at least hope to if they haven't?) It helped make it all the funnier. And the topic of having to care for one's aging parents is very timely, too. But unfortunately that is not funny--we are facing this with our parents (who are in their 80"s )--(we are 63 and 64 yrs. of age). It was totally realistic. I have 2 sisters and just loved the idea of being able to "dump" one's parent(s) on the non-caregiver sisters for them to deal with it for awhile.

We received letters warning about the contents of this play beforehand. We saw nothing objectionable about it and have wholeheartedly recommended it to all our friends. From the letters that were sent, I thought we were going to see 2 naked people having sex on the stage!!

We have just retired (finally!) and moved here to Oak Harbor near Deception Pass. We have enjoyed every one of your plays since we began subscribing 2 years ago. (We no longer drive clear down to Seattle for all those previous subscriptions).

If you would like a testimonial to Whidbey Playhouse and to "Social Security" in particular, we would be happy to do so. It was a great, funny and very timely production. We look forward to being long-term subscribers with you as long as possible (at least 20 years if we live that long!)

Appreciative patrons,

Erlene & Joe Little

Dick, You and Pay better get your tickets now...only one more Sunday Matinee!!

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