Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing on a nice day

This week we have beemn blessed with absolutely GORGEOUS weather. Sunny and warm, with just a bit of cool breeze blowing in during the day to keep the heat down. A PERFECT day for sitting on the beach.

As you can tell, there is not much to our beaches. LOTS of rocks and driftwood. It is illegal to take either off the beach, because then the shore would be compromised and flooding and beach erosion would be accelerated. Dont know that I truly think that taking a few pieces of driftwood off the beach to use as Lawn ornaments (OK, We work with what we can get.) is really going to hurt, but I did not take any.

This is the same spot only I turned around and looked to the WESt this time. See what I mean? LOTS of driftwood. LOTS of rocks. Phyllis was filling her buckets with rocks to put in her flower beds and was told by the Park Ranger that she could get a ticket. OOPS!! We quit taking rocks, But there is no sand, so I wonder about the reasoning behind taking rocks also. Seems like every WInter there is more and more Driftwood to clamber over to get to the actual shore. I almost fell several times as I have no sense of balance anymore. WHen I was a kid, I played on these beaches by the hours, running up and down the driftwood, trying NOT to step on the rocks, only walking on the wood. Yesterday, I tried that and damned near lost it, so old age wins again.
On the way back I went through Fort Casey State Park, and saw this little fawn alongside the road. He was munching away right on the roadside, no mother in sight, and absolutely no fear of my big green machine, nor of Sadie barking her fool head off. He knew he was safe. Amazing how they know these things. But like I said a few posts ago, COme September they will be hiding. There is a plan to ban hunting on the Island, which is a good thing, as the developements are getting closer and closer to the forests, and a stray shot could injure someone. The woods behind me are full of wildlife, and also full of poachers. You can hear them taking pot-shots after Mid-night. ASS-HOLES!!
I came home and jsut as I was about to turn off my camera, and head for a good book, I caught this of Loki just about to fall off the bed. AS soon as I took the shot, He did. Stupid cat.
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catmomaj said...

Boy am I happy to hear of a possible ban on hunting here! I have an idiot neighbor who has to kill deer whenever he can. He came to my back door last year asking if he could remove the dead deer that he shot and had come into my yard to die. ASS-HOLE BIG TIME!!! Geez, I wish it was legal to shoot idiots!!

Mary Lou said...

Let's start a letter writting campaign to be able to shoot idiots...think how much better off the world would be...


Bobbie said...

The weather has been the same up here. One nice thing is it cools down at night so I can sleep.

I would love to get my hands on a few pieces of that driftwood. I've got a few pieces that I got from Pitt Lake, a tidal lake near us. They look great in the garden.

Who but an idiot would take a shot at Bambi!

Anonymous said...

Wow...there really is a LOT of driftwood & rocks on your beaches.

I hope you get that hunting ban on your island. Hunting is not allowed in my community. And I agree...let's shoot the idiots instead!

Anonymous said...

Your views are a little wacky, and you stereo type a group of people like the Nazi's.