Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's gone again!

Once again my edit bar is missing! I wish I knew what I did to fix it last time.

I went in to lap swimming tonight and did aerobics all by myself and swam about 6 laps. I really needed it tonight. My back is so bad right now that I can barely move. Swimming helps it feel sooo good for an hour or so.

Went straight from there to rehearsals for my play. It is going to be soooo funny. I just finished blocking it tonight, and next week we will start character developement. What a hoot it is.

My Brother got some good news and some bad news yesterday during chemo. THe invasive cancer has shrunk, but it has also invaded his colon in two spots and that is NOT good. THey are going to continue treatment as before and hope for the best.

John Hancok got back to me about my annuity beign short. NEXCOM is all of it's infinite wisdom told then I was 62 three weeks ago, and that I needed to draw Social Security, so they dropped 500 out of my monthly allotment. Sure wish they had sent me a letter or something telling me that was going to happen. I thought I had until I was 65.6 nope,gotta do it now. So I signed up on line and should find out something soon. I will be drawing just over 1000 from SS and I lost 500, so I will be a tiny bit better off, but not great. sure was hoping it would be a LOT so I could breathe. Story of my life.

Oh YEAH!!! LOLA is back! She looks kinda shop worn though, and is really watchful for cats, but she ran right up the post and sat on the feeder and chomped away on sunflower seeds. SHe was back today, so maybe she will continue her foraging in my yard. I Love to watch the wild life out my bedroom window,

Hopefully now I can go back to sleep. I was dozing off and then woke right up. I hate that. off the try anyway!

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