Sunday, February 24, 2008


Well i just spent twenty minutes getting chewed out by my neighbor that leaves his cats outside all week. He came home on Friday and then left again and was gone all weekend, leaving the cats locked out of the garage. My daughter came up this morning, so I sent her over to open the garage about 6 inches and prop it up so they could get in and eat, and get away from the coyotes. I Just DO NOT understand people that will not take care of their animals. Now mind you, they are NOT underfed. They are fat and healthy, but they CRAVE human attention, which they dont get except from the neighbors. THey are also treating my bird feeders as their own personal Hors d'oureve tray! Needless to say, all the squirrels from last year are gone. Even Lola that appeared last week for the first time in months, almost got caught by Cotton their black cat. she screamed, and ran up the fence just one claw away from LUNCH! (Whew). I know I know! They are only doing what they were born to do, but I do not live on a farm, and neither do the neighbors anymore, they now live in a community with only 10 feet away from each others yards. THey need to keep their animals under control. I have 4 cats that never get to go outside. God I am pissed. I only had the cats welfare at heart, and I get chewed out for messing with his house! OK Dude! Gloves are off! Next time I call animal control, they can trap them all.

Poor babies.

There, I feel better, I have ranted.

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