Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gads, Saturday already?

I have been one busy busy old lady this week. I had no idea that it had been so long since my last post.

Mother of Neighbor (who lives three blocks away) came over to apoligize for her son. She also wanted to know what she can do to fix things. I listened and told her that I LOVE cats, (as she could tell by my bad mannered babies jumping on the table to head butt her.) But NOT on my bird feeders, and she agreed. I suggested that since she comes over once a day to feed them, that she keep them IN the house during the day, and let themout to roam at night if she must. THat way my birds and squirrels are safe. But that still leaves the cats very vulnerable to coyotes and owls. and cars. SO this week I have only had to chase cat out of my back yard once. Good thing. We will see what happens this coming week. Mama Kitty has been spayed and the boys have all been snipped too, so at least in their wanderings they are not making more feral kitties.

My cats do not understand why they cant go out when THOSE guys can. I just tell them that THeir mommie loves them. the others are not loved.

I went back to the Dr to have my blood work done after Septembers tranfusions and all of my numbers are WONDERFUL except for the one that hematocrit level is WAY down again. SO we are waiting for lab results to see if I have Iron poor blood, or anemia of some other kind, or if my stomach is still seeping blood. Meanwhile I am on Ferrous Carbonate or something like that, and vitamin b-12 and Calcium and D jeez, I get FULL just taking pills! I sure hope I just have to add supplements instead of another transfusion. I still dont have the LAST one paid for.

THe play is getting better and better, and we take the stage tomorrow night. THe set is almost finished, just details to putz with, and then major rehearsal time. One thing that hurts us by having to start blocking while we dont have a set is the physical constraints of the stage and or rhearsal hall. We will have to re-block some of the scenes, but at least we wont have to work on lines while we do that. It is so FUNNY!! Every night we crack up. Sure hope the audience does too.

I watched a Neil Simon movie today...MURDER BY DEATH. OH GOD!! It is pee your pants funny! I might recommend it to read for next years play committee. Such a spoof of all the old movie sleuths! LOLOLOLOLOL

My back has been in horrible pain this week. I can barely walk, but as soon as I get in the pool, I have instant relief!! SO I do what I can for arobics, and modify the ones that hurt so that I am getting excersize but not straining the muscles that are hurting. My spine is really piching the nerves that run down both legs right now. SO much fun!!

TIm only has two more months of work release then he is home! Dont know for how long, as I know he will get antsy and want to get back to Orcas Island. (GRRRRRR) But Hopefully he will have learned his lesson. He has finished his Chemical dependancy classes and is going to meetings once a week, and will have to continue that while he is on his 9 months parole. THen he is free and clear and on his own to make his own choices once again. LORDY I hope he remembers how to make them the RIGHT way!

Well gotta run, put a load of clothes in the dryer and then one into the washer and get my hair fixed, as we are going to go see The Vienna Boys Choir tonight! I am really looking forward to that.

HAve a nice week ya'll...and for those that Lurk, go read he is a norweigian who lives in Oslo. Interesting blog too. I would have put the link there like you are sposed to, but blogger has hidden my edit bar again, so you will have to enter it in manually.

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