Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Yeo, At 9 something this evening, it will be spring!!! THANK YOU LORD! I am so tired of cold and grey and wet and dark. I am waiting for the bulbs to pop open. THe daffodils in San de Fuca are open in the fields, and I love driving by them. THey are my absolute favorite flower. Followed by Lilacs and Roses. The pollen is kicking my butt!! I cant breathe, and am not sure if it is because I have a lack of red blood cells again, or whether it is the alder pollen sitting in my lungs.

Our Play is going WONDERFULLY!! The characters are all off book now, and are having tons of fun with eath other, but the rest of the week I have to get really tough and keep them on course!! No cracking up!!1 (kinda like Carol Burnette and Tim and Harvey)

Next week i am taking pictures, as they will all be in costume and the lights will be ready! I will post when I can. (blogger is still being a butt with my edit bar).

Mike is doing better this week, and they are changing his treatment next week, so I am not sure exactly what will be happening. But Sherry said he seems to be holding his own right now.

Bob's Mother was taken off life support last weekend, and he was told she should go any time. She did, last night. So I am dealing with a boyfriend who will not admit his feelings, and realized that the mother he has neglected all his life, is no more. So he is stuffing his emotions in a sack and will not show any at all. NONE> Not even regular emotions. He goes into his MR. SPOCK mode. He will get though this, and I have offered my shoulder should he need it, but I expect not to see him for a week or two.

My health is shit right now! I have no energy, no breath, stomach hurts all the time along with the pain in my back. CHRIST! Getting old sucks a big green weeney doesnt it?

Well time for my nap before the rehearsal tonight. I think I will skip swimming tonight and save my energy for the show!

I will post when I have time.

Have a GREAT Easter weekend!!

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