Saturday, April 08, 2006

busy times...

I spent all day yesterday hanging lights and setting cues for the Show, SO I left Sadie out back while I went. Usually I take her and she will be very good in the car while I am in the theater. I did not want to leave her in the car for 7 hours. As soon as I pulled in the driveway last night just before midnight, I heard her yipping at the door. SHe heard the car and was at the back door bouncing and jumping and yipping and flat giving me HELL! I let her in and she immediately peed on the floor! It was her "happy dance pee" but she still had not done that in a very very long time. Guess she told me, huh?

I was going to get out and try to finish the back yard before it is long enough to Bale up, but Bob came over at noon and said we were going to dinner tonight. Since mowing yard and going out do not go hand in hand with my body, I decided to let the lawn mower charge for a few more hours. Bob called at 5:00 and backed out, cause he was sick! So I shoulda mowed anyway, it's sposed to rain tomorrow. figures.

I did manage to get the dust mop run over the living room floor, and there was a TON of cat hair on it. I shook it off outside, for the birds to use in building their nests. I also threw out the little pieces of different colored yarn I found under my chair. Those are gonna be some technicolor nests, I tell you!

Tomorrow, I think if it rains, I will tear into the kitchen. It has not been cleaned out in 5 years, it's time! I need to through out all those tin foil cake pans I kept for fruit cakes. and all the cottage cheese bowls, etc. I dont know why I wont throw them out, but I never do. I hang on to them until I cant get the cupboard door shut anymore, then I sit down on the floor and crawl way under the counter, (you know the ones I mean, the L shaped ones that are not good for ANYTHING but hiding crap) pull out everything and have a PITCH party. I already did that in my bedroom, and donnas room, so now it is the Kitchen, and then (shudder) the OFFICE!

Of course I may be spared that chore as it may NOT rain, in that case it is the mower!

I also plan on getting the sweetpeas planted tomorrow. I would LOVE to live somewhere where I could have flowers year round. Not here.

Hey Leslie, when you are finished with your basement, whyntcha come down here and help me? ;)

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