Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tim's Afghan...

I finished Tim's Afghan tonight, and none too soon, my right thumb and index finger are hurt city right now. My Arthritis is KILLING me. But the afghan is done, and it is so pretty that I almost want to keep it! I won't, but I sure like it!

My SIL's is next, then my son in Law's. But not for a little while, I need to rest the hand.

It was gorgeous when I woke up this morning. The sun was just peeking through the alders and it was 615! I LOVE DST!! The birds were out early, and the robins were chirping like crazy! I just layed there and watched out the window, as Lola ran up to the feeder, and then another Lola came and Squirrel wars were on! Sadie heard them and woke up and wanted a piece of that action NOW!! So I got her out of her pen and out she went chasing the squirrels all along the fence top. She does not know that she cant reach them, and they LOVE to torment her. They run back and forth and squeal. SO funny.

I did my blog walk early, and then some stuff for the Show, and then went out and started on the lawn. It was nice and warm out and sunny and a nice cool breeze blowing. I filled the feeders, and putzed and picked up all the dead fall in the front half of the back yard. The grass was thick and bright green and over 10 " high. I slowly walked and pushed it along then backed it up and went forward again until it cut a swath through the jungle.

I got about 1/3 of the yard done, before Bob came over and it was time for dinner. So I left the mower out back, ready to go again tomorrow. Guess what it is doing out there right now, RAINING!!! Typical Washington Spring. It was beautiful until the sun went down, and then a very small band of clouds came up the Sound from Oregon, and stalled! GRRRRRRRR

I am hoping it clears up and dries up before morning, I really need to finish that YARD! Then I plan on sitting on my butt and trying to get the Iris beds in order, and even though it is late, the sweetpeas planted. It is still too early for the Petunias though, as It froze last night, and may still before it really warms up.

I was so sorry to see THE GEEKS lose tonight on The Amazing Race. I was really pulling for them, as they were such a nice couple. I am not sure who I want now, they are all pretty good except for Lake and his wife. He is such a Prick!! It is a much nicer group this time though.

Onward to bed. You all have a nice evening!

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