Saturday, April 01, 2006

What a difference 4 days make...

sunday morning

Last Sunday morning I woke up in time to watch the morning come alive. It was spectacular, and the ALders were still bare of bud and leaf so I could see the sun pop over the horizon and into my window. It was our first really warm day, and it was glorious.

Yesterday morning, It was pretty again, so I went out and took a few pictures of the buds coming out, I dont have them on this post, but I happened to look up into the alders and noticed that in the few days since last Sunday, the Green has popped out!

I heard Suzie chattering in the tree tops, so I was looking for her. SHe was hiding very well. I could hear her but not see her.

friday morning

In a few weeks, you will not be able to see through the first layer of trees. THe green will have taken over. THen the sun will not be seen until it pops over the top of trees, which wont be until around 10-11 in the morning.

It rained all day today, until just about sun down, when it cleared up and was beautiful. Still is. The moon was a bright Crescent waxing, and was about to drop below the horizon. the sky had not gone black yet, and was a lovely shade of blue. There are stars out right now, and I can hear the fog horns trying to blow down on the strait! It is not unusual to have low evening fog on the water, and be crystal clear up here. I can see my breath out on the deck, and the night is dark. It is a great early spring evening. THink I will go to bed and enjoy it! All bundled up in my bed with the cool breeze blowing in and telling my lungs that HEY!! It is SPRING!!! Start Hacking!!! Im Full of POLLEN!! cough, cough, Wheeze!

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