Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Drama in the forest...


I woke up just as the sky was starting to get light. Since Sadie was out of her pen, I knew she would have to go outside to potty, so I walked her outside and stood on the deck while she waded her way through the tall grass. Suddenly a form lifted off the deck post and startled me. It was a barred owl. S/he looked like she was gonna head for Sadie, but at the same time, Sadie saw her and wanted her as bad as she wanted Sadie. The Owl used better sense and headed for the alders. Sadie did her thing and after sniffing over everything in the yard, came back in and we headed back to bed.

I looked out towards the deck just before I layed down and there was the Owl again, sitting on the railing and staring under the deck. You see, one of the by-products of feeding the birds and the squirrels, is I also feed the RATS! THey come out at night, and so does the Owl. I will hear a squeal in the night, followed by the flap of big wings, and I know that nature has taken it's course. I also know that The RAT population has gone down by one.

THis morning it just sat there waiting, and waiting, but no RATS. Soon it moved over into the plum tree, which is right against the fence that the squirrels use as their highway from the woods to the feeders. Suddenly I hear a loud squeal, and off the owl flew. I could not tell if it had Lola or a RAT, but I am going to assume since it did not cause a BIG ruckus, as Lola usually does, that it was a RAT!

I rolled over and was just about to head back into sleepy land, when I heard the ravens cawing loudly. They usually only yell like that when something disturbs them, so I looked over the window sill again. The Owl was trying to get the big grey squirrel (suzy), and was flying from tree to tree, and Suzy was jumping from branch to branch, and the Ravens were dive bombing the Owl and pecking at it's head. I saw Suzy scurry clear to the top of an alder tree about the time that the Ravens had the Owl ducking for cover, so I am pleased to report that the score was, Owl 0 Ravens 1.

Everything is back to normal in the Back yard again, Sadie is asleep on the recliner, Lint is out checking under the deck for slow rodents, and Loki is sitting in the window waiting for the critters to show their selves so he can chatter at them. THe other two cats chitters and Ethel are sleeping somewhere, and Bea Bunny is chomping on her Banana chips.

I am heading back into the kitchen for my second cup of coffee...

And how has YOUR morning gone so far?

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