Friday, September 03, 2010


THIS IS TO ASK ABOUT MY FRIENDS IN NEW ZEALAND.... edt are you and yours OK? I dont know how to get ahold of you other than this. Keewee, is your daughter safe? Please let me know. I am thinking of you all.


edtNZ said...

Hi Marylou, TY for asking after me.

Me mam and I are just fine.

The earthquake was centered near the city of Christchurch in the South island. We live in the lower North island.

Widespread damage to Christchurch, mostly brick buildings that fell down, houses damaged or some destroyed, sewer and water services broken and leaking, roads torn up, bridges un-passable.
Large parts of Christchurch are without power or water.

Some injuries but no fatalities reported so far.

Mary Lou said...

WHEW!! Glad to hear that. I imagine that even though you are on the North island it was a bit shakey there! I know when our earth shakes, it is felt all over the PacNW! You will have to give me your email address again, as I could not find it today. Thus the post. I moderate all comments, so It would not get posted to the world.

keewee said...

Mary Lou we were out of town and heard about the earthquake yesterday. I am happy to report all is well with my family, as the quake was down on the south island, my family are not that far from edt.
Thank you for asking.
love Jenn

Mary Lou said...

Glad to hear it from both of you!