Thursday, May 07, 2009


I woke up this morning in horrible pain again, per the course, and just lay there on my back listening to the birds. There was something going on in the alders as there was a lot of cawing and loud chipping coming from beyond the fence. I just figured they were all glad to finally see a semi-dri day, so I went about my morning ablutions. Yogurt, coffee, crochet, the VIEW and the News. The dogs were going nuts barking too, so I finally got up to see what was what.

The dogs came in, Lint came in, and the birds were fluttering around the suet feeder, but there was still something in the woods. I stood in my nitegown at the edge of the back deck and looked as far as I could through the jungle that used to be my back yard, and right there on the edge of the Alders sitting on a branch was a Barred Owl. I talked Barred owl talk to him, and he just sat there with his eyes closed sleeping away. The Birds do NOT like him there, as he is as apt to eat them as mice or rats. He obviously isnt very hungary, as just now a chickadee flew right into his face, and he just sat there grooming himself. I sure wish he would scare away the starlings though...they are greedy little bastards, and devour a suet block in 15 minutes. The owl just sits there...keeping watch on the ground for the rats that Live under my house...yeah I know, dont feed the birds, but Hey...It is one of my only real pleasures. And if you think about it, I am feeding the owls too. :)


cassie-b said...

I don't think I've ever seen a barred owl. I'm off to google it.

We feed the birds too. What pleasure they give.

Donna said...

Yes! Feed the birds!!hahaa..What a cool sight that must have been!hughugs

Brenda said...

You have all the luck! I would love to get a good, clear, shot of an owl. How lucky for you that you have one that visits!

Mary Lou said...

Brenda I have more than one. And they usually visit at night and make the WEIRDEST noises...especially the young ones marking their territory.

Herman said...

A very interesting blog post Mary Lou. I learned a lot via Google Search and Wikipedia. Here is the address where I could find the sound of the Barred Owl. (Copy and paste the address in your browser)

And here is a page with a lot sounds of all kinds of owls.

I hope the pain in your back is under control now. Don't you have pain killers?

Anji said...

I googled him too. we see owls sometimes in the eveings when we walk by the woods - the noises they make can sound quite nasty. At school we spent a fascinating term soaking owl pellets in water and picking out the bones and fur to see what had been eaten. As my mum says watching the birds feed is a great way to waste a lot of time.

Any news for your back?

Mary Lou said...

Yes, I have those sounds bookmarked, and late at night I open my office window and turn up the sound and drive the owls NUTS!!!! teehee

yes I am on pain meds, but I want to WALK< not be medicated the rest of my life! I will know more after the 18th, when I see the neuro-surgeon.

Dick said...

I don't know if we have many owls around or not but I'd sure like something to reduce the number of wild rabbits that keep eating the flowers and other plants Pat puts out in the garden. We today tried putting a 2' steel fence around one of the beds and if that doesn't work, may put a fence top on it. Between those rabbits and the *X#M snails, things are not looking all that great for our 2009 plants.

catmomaj said...

Whenever I hear owls out here, I open the slider and hoot back at them. Sometimes I can get a lively conversation going. LOL! My cats just look at me with wonder in their eyes. LOL,LOL!!
A young racoon knocked over my bird bath a couple of nights ago. He stood on his hind legs off the edge of my deck with just his face and paws looking at me like the 'Kilroy was here' cartoon. No fear in him at all. My kitty Amber and I made horrible noises at him to no avail. Such fun!

VTcrone said...

"Who Cooks for You? Who cooks?" that's what they are saying. My neighbors thought they were hearing a barred owl recently but it was me hooting to see if any would answer. They are a handsome bird. I've stopped putting out suet and seed now as the black bears are out of hibernation here in VT. I still get peanuts in the shell to toss out for the chipmunks, red squirrels, Jays, Chickadees and Tufted titmice.
Right now we have a pair of Wood ducks that have taken up residence in and around our pond. They are the beauties of the duck world. The female has probably laid her eggs in a hollowed out tree. Once the ducklings have hatched she'll lead them to the pond.

I'll be thinking of you on the 18Th and hope that your neurosurgeon will feel that he or she can do something for you.