Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gorgeous moon!

I was driving back from the playhouse tonight and noticed an orange glow over the trees on the otherside of the bay. It was not quite dark,and I thought it was a fire or something. Just as I rounded the corner in San De Fuca, I saw it again, and it was higher in the sky, and only partly covered by a cloud. The full moon was bright orange and glowing like it was Autumn! I know it must happen a lot, but I dont recall ever seeing an orange full moon other than in the fall. It was gorgeous! It made a wide Orange path on the water of the cove, and just sat there glowing!

I got all of Act 1 Set with light cues today. I am so tired! THis show is really doing a job on me and I dont know why? I am tired all the time, and HURT like mad. Maybe that is what is causing the tiredness. When you are in pain all the time, it really wears on you. Someone who has not been in pain just does not understand how much it invades your being.

Got off track there for a minute or so...ANYWAY, tonight was Press night, and we actually had about 20 people there! Hopefully we will receive good press, and sell out. THe cast out did themselves, and it actually looks like a great show. It is so funny! old balding men playing little boys! and WELL!! THe tunes are really catchy and stay with you for quite a while. Good ear worms!

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