Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bird watching...and being watched

Today as I was driving back from town, I stopped by the pond to talk to the resident geese. There were only three of them there today, but they all walked up to the car and were whistling at me and talking. Suddenly they all three turned their noses straight up into the air and spread their wings and honkeed like there was an intruder somewhere.

I then saw a Great Blue Heron just over the bank of the pond, take off, and drop his fish.

Just as he took off, and the geese were fully honking, Mr. Eagle flew down and grabbed the fish right away from the Heron, and flew back up to the top of the trees.

I saw a woman walking towards us with a cell phone in her ear and walking her little squeek toy dog, and I said "DID YOU SEE THAT?" she just said huh? and looked at me funny. She had no idea what she had missed by keeping her ear to that cell phone, while out walking.

Soon another woman came around the curve walking her big dog and she was all agog. DID YOU SEE THAT? she said, so we talked about the wonder of the place we live, and how cool it was to be sitting in one spot and see all of that happen.

I got home and was talking to Rusty, and saw the prettiest little bird. I THINK it is a Golden Crowned Kinglet, because of the white slash over its eye, but it was colored more like a ruby crowned kinglet. Hard to say for certain. The ruby crown has a hidden patch of red feathers on the top of his head, but it is more olive than the golden, and has a half arch over and under its eye. So on the slash alone, I am claiming golden crowned kinglet for my life-list!


Th gold finch are back in droves also. and they are really early for us. I ususally do not have them until July when the thistle blooms. I was also reading that the Juncoes leave every year, but mine stay here year around. I wonder why?

Anyone got a clue?

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