Friday, May 11, 2007


Isn't he adorable? His name is Schroeder after the character in the play we are doing. Rusty and Judy decided that I needed a kitten and they put their heads together and Judy found the litter and of course you know what a sucker I am! So He came home tonight. He is 6 weeks old, and likes to ride on my shoulder!

Ethel took one look and sniffed and hissed and now she is hiding in the garage, Loki wants to play, but the baby just hisses. ANd Sadie thinks he is a squirrel and wants to Eat him. oops! Lint on the other hand took one look, looked at me as if to say Oh SHIT! Not ANOTHER one! What can I say...I need some vice, right? I dont drink, smoke or "anything else".

He is in the hall bathroom and there are 4 noses all aimed under the door trying to smell, and he is on the far side of the room behind the toilet. But they all know he is in there. OH!! I hear kitty growling, Ethel must be being bitchy! She is 14, and Lint is 16 or 17 we think, And Loki is the baby at 7 so it's time to shake up this crew. Besides, I needed something to fill Chitters'space.

I Know, I KNOW!! I'm bad. But I did not take his sister, and she was even CUTER! She needs a home, Carole, ya want one?

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