Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anybody seen my Q?

Schroeder has decided that I am "all Right" and he follows me everywhere! He climbs my robe to sit on my shoulder when I am in the kitchen, he climbs my pant legs when I am sitting at the computer and he climbs the bedspread to sit on my laptop while I lay on my tummy to blogwalk. He also has learned that if you hook your little front claws under the key tops, Mommy can't lift you up so fast to move you before you publish something she has been working on. When You do this, the key tops pop off!! and then Mommie yells really loud!

I was missing my Z until yesterday morning when I found it under the bed. Tonight I am missing my Q. THe only thing there is a little white smooshie thingamajig that I can push down and get the q to print. AH well, I guess I will move the bed again tomorrow and see if I can find the missing key top!

Kittens are really a lot of fun though. THe whole world is brand new and they love to look at everything. He eats like a little pig too! and he has stuck his head into my milk glass and helped himself to all he could reach. (Little SHIT)

I am laying here tonight under my electric blanket, trying to get warm. It has been such a cold spring, that I just realized that May is almost over, and we will be into June before long! Usually we have a wet April with a few nice days then May is usually Hot and dry, and then June is wet and cool, and then summer starts out with hot and dry until mid Sept. But I dont know what the weather will be like this year. It has been so bizzarre! all of the spring flowers popped out all at once, and very bountiful too. THe grass has grown a foot in a week!

My SIL came over yesterday to mow my yard and borrow the mower to mow hers, and she got mine done and then the mower quit on her! Poor thing! I sure do appreciate her doing it though! I just cant get out there and push that mower more than 50 feet. I sure hope this aquarobics does the trick, and gets my legs and core strong enough to get out and walk again. I feel like a cripple! I technically am not, but I sure cant get very far with out being in excruciating pain! I almost did not make it through the grocery store today. This just SUCKS!

We are starting to come together on YOURE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN, a few more music and dance rehearsals and then we will be doing straight run throughs. I will be taking candid shots during the runthroughs and then getting the head shots and bios ready for the lobby. Meanwhile, this week I need to get the audition poster out for A CHORUS LINE. (Whew) You all dont even want to see my house right now!! too busy and too hurt to clean!

Well the laptop held up through this post, so let's cross our fingers and see if it will publish!! I sooooo need a new fast computer.

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