Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kitten on keyboard

I had forgotten how much work and joy that a baby anything can bring into a house. Especially a baby Kitten! The whole world is brand spanking new and they have no fear of anything! (except Ethel, who hisses and growls at him, so he leaves her alone)

Schroeder has left a mark on my legs, my hands and my nose. His sharp little claws are like razors, and he has no qualms about using them either!

Yesterday he got his little body underneath the line of dressers in my bedroom, and could not find his way out. It is a tight squeeze under there, and a tight squeeze getting back out. But MAN his voice sure didnt sound squeezed! He yelled so loud that even Sadie was trying to figure out how to get him out. I took the bottom drawer out, but these dressers have a bottom on them, so that didn't work. I finally tipped one back against the wall and propped it up with a shoe until I could get him to come to me then dragged him out. Sheesh.

I keep him sequestered in the hall bathroom, so that he can eat his kitten chow and Loki wont scarf it down first! Bob went in to pee, and all I heard was YEOW!!! it seems that Schroeder decided to climb up his pant leg while he was doing his business. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Oh GAWD!! I am surely being entertained.

Ya'll gotta get a kitten!!!


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