Wednesday, May 30, 2007

summer finally??? or not....

Our weather has been so weird! It is almost June, and we have only had 1 day that we could really call warm! Last night it got down to 38 F!!! BRRRRR I was going to take the electric blanket off the bed and wash it and zip it up for the season, but I used it last night!! My feet were FROZEN! I slept so good though! Woke up at 800 with Schroeder having wrapped his hind feet around a hair roller in my hair, and he was attacking it!! Back feet kicking at it, and front feet hanging on while he chewed at it, OUCH!! He is a little devil!

I spent all day at the theater, getting the lights plotted and ready to set cues. I still have to find someoneto hang the lights I need though, as I do not do ladders, especially ones that are 20 feet tall! uh-uh, not me! I am so unsteady on my feet, and I lose my balance easily, so I try real hard to stay flat footed on the ground.
Tomorrow I will work on a few cues, but then I have to go to the pool. I wont get a lot done on the lights. I really should skip swimming, but I just do not want to get into that habit at all. It is just too easy to make it just one more skip, and soon you aren't going any more at all.

Tomorrow we are supposed to hit the high 80's F! and then Thursday even warmer! Today was really really nice, but there was a a cool wind blowing in off the strait and tonight it is cool also. I have a feeling we are gonna get HOT and stay that way up through September, and then get cold again. It is hard to believe that Spring is almost over!

Time to let Sadie In for the night and put the BEAST away for the evening. HAve a good Wednesday!

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