Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gee!! (grin)

GARSH!! Thanks everybody….Nothing like a call for a hug, to bring lurking friends out of the woodwork! ;) edt…

I had several phone calls, and in retrospect it was just a BAD Day! My computer kept kicking me off line, and I could not blogwalk. And I am so tired of being in pain! I have spent the good part of the past week on my stomach on the floor or in bed, trying to ease the pain in my back. So thank you all for all the hugs! I will be fine. Maybe.

This morning I had a rare gift from Mother Nature! I peeked over the window sill, and saw Lola for the first time in AGES!! She was trying real hard to get up the courage to climb down the wisteria and run over to the feeder. Just as she decided to do so, a flock of birds flew to the feeder, and in that flock were about 10 goldfinch males, and 3 Evening Grosbeaks!!! I had never seen them before, even though they are plentiful on the island. 2 males and 1 female! So Now I have added another species to my life-list!

I hope that all of you in the path of these horrible tornadoes are being careful and staying safe. I just can’t imagine living where you have to fear those monsters. I LOVE a good thunder storm, but ours are not accompanied by tornadoes. Yet. We have nasty winds in the fall and winter, but we built sturdy enough to survive them. I also live up high so I don’t have to worry about high tides, or tsunamis either. About the only thing we have no control of is Earthquakes, and NOBODY knows when they are gonna hit. I have insurance for them, and we are pretty stable, sorta. And our volcanoes have been listed as the most dangerous ones in the country, but they don’t move, we know exactly where they are, and we may get ashed, but not badly, as the prevailing wind goes East and we live West.

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