Friday, May 25, 2007


No matter how clean you think you keep your house, get a kitten, preferably a fuzzy long haired one, and turn it loose in your house. It will scurry hither and yon under sofa and table, and dresser and into closets long thought to be empty. It will find things you thought you had thrown away ages ago, It will also find things under the bed that you would rather not have found! The kitten can be combed out and all the little dust bunnies and loose threads will then be gathered and easily thrown away. HINT....throw them in a covered can, or they will be found and scattered yet again.

I took some petrified Cat Barf away from Schroeder yesterday. God only knows who, or how long ago ago it was deposited. I have no idea where it was either. But he found it. And in the bathroom there were 5 toilet paper rolls minus the toilet paper of course. I dont know where he found those either.

I have scratches all over my feet and my arms from Kitten play time. He got his first ride in the carrier yesterday, to go see the Vet. He yelled at the top of his voice clear through Coupeville, and into the Vet's Office. The Dr, came right out, and said "Goodness" He is one nice cat!" He thought I got a really good animal, and said there must be some Maine COon in him because his ears and paws have tufts of fur.

He is ruling the house. Even Sadie is cowed by him. Lint still refuses to have anything to do with him, but Loki things he was brought into the house for him alone. He Mothers him, and plays with him and cleans him, and plays and talks with him. SO CUTE!!

I tried to get a picture of Schroeder and Loki together, but they are both too fast! I'll keep trying though.

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