Monday, May 21, 2007


I got the lights turned on the set for the first time tonight, and it does not appear like I will have to add too many spots! COOL!! THis is a rehearsal picture of the cast and set, minus costumes. It is going to be a really cool play! Adults playing kids! FUNNY!!!!

We went through act 1 tonight and tomorrow is act 2. THen We will be putting it all together to run as a whole show. No prompts, no books, no stopping. This becomes brutal now, but they have to get their lines down without help, so we throw them in the deep end of the pool! tee hee!

I need to go wash the clorine out of my hair, because I really DID get into the deep end of the pool during aquarobics. I LOVE them!!! no pain for 1 hour!! ahhhhhh!!!

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