Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Let There BE......

I have not been able to sleep lately. I wake up about every 90 minutes, wide eyed and bushy tailed. I am keeping a crossword book beside the bed and when I wake up I flip on the light and start a puzzle. After about 20 minutes, I am writing all cock-eyed, and wake myself up snorffing with my nose right on the book. I turn out the light and go back to sleep only to repeat this process at least 3 times a night.

Last night I went into bed fairly early, 11:30, and read until I got sleepy, then flipped out the light. I woke up 90 min later with leg cramps, and a backache, and thought CRAP here I go again! So I remembered the Excedrin PM in the bathroom. I got up took 2 of those suckers and fell back to sleep after about 20 minutes. Slept like a baby until 830 when the phone rang.

It was Bob, Telling me he and Ron were on their way over to give me my Christmas Present. ??????? Huh??????? So I got up, got dressed and waited for them. About 1100 they drove up, and walked in, yelling MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Ok folks, I have to admit; I am very picky about Christmas! When I was little, I knew EVERYTHING I was getting, I peeked! And I knew I would still be surprised on Christmas morning. So since I have become an adult, and live alone, there are no presents under the tree, so I don’t want to know until Christmas what I am getting.

Bob is world famous for the most useful gifts. We have been dating for over 20 years, and I am always amazed at what his mind wraps around for a Christmas present. The first year we were dating, I got a gift certificate for a pair of new glasses. That was very practical, as I was BROKE, and my glasses were too. Then I got a used PC the next Christmas, and the one after that I got a cord of wood. All cut, split and delivered. I did have to stack it though.

And then there was the Ice Cream maker, the Pasta maker, and of course you can’t forget the Fan for the woodstove that I got last year. Romance is NOT in this boy’s vocabulary. AT ALL! None, Zip, NADA!! So every year, it is a joke between the women in this family, what ‘wonderful’ gift he will come up with next. Oh yeah, I forgot the Tune up for the truck, and the Oil change for the car. 2 separate years. I just KNOW that if he didn’t think he would get it over his head, he would get me a composting toilet! He’s just that kind of guy. PRACTICAL!! THOUGHTFUL!! Never cheap!

Oh how I would love a beautiful necklace, or a ring, a right-hand ring of course, would not want to kill the guy; a bottle of cologne, a pretty bauble of some sort. But not from Bob. Nope. Practical.

My Living room is very dark, it is 20x30 and I have to arrange the furniture in the middle, which is nice, except that all of the outlets are on the wall, and I have extension cords running everywhere. Today I got lit!

I got for Christmas my very own 4-bulb halogen track light, installed on the ceiling right down the middle of the room. It is GREAT! Aimed right at each place that people sit. At first I was leary of it as It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but this afternoon I laid down on the couch to read a magazine. I got on my tummy, and put my glasses on and opened the magazine and I COULD SEE THE PAGE!! WHOOT!!! Sadie jumped on my back, Lint lay on my legs, and Tyler the visiting black cat wanted to curl up in my face. (He lost) The lights are very bright as halogen can be, but they also put out a very small amount of heat, and we all took advantage of it and took a nap. I woke up after it was dark out, and the living room was flooded with light! It is going to be WONDERFUL! My eyes are getting weaker and weaker and I need the light to see. So as practical as it is to have Track lighting, It is a wonderful present. Really.

BUT WAHHHHHHH!!!!!! It is 10 days left before Christmas and I wont have anything to open!!!!!! SNIff... :(

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