Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas Cats...

My Brother Mike is finally well enough to get out of the house. He looks dreadful though! So pale, so wan. He has really had a bad go of the flu or something. He missed Christmas altogether. Today he brought over my Christmas Present. He made me a Cat tree out of scraps from around the house, and rug samples from the furniture store where SHerry works.


I was not sure the cats would use it so I went out back where there was a nice fresh patch of catnip growing wild, and picked some. I should not have worried, because as soon as I brought the stuff in Loki was on the top shelf. He smelled the catnip oil and immediately went into ecstasy! He is such a drug whore. He rolled on it, and ate it, and purred and scratched at it, and would not let Chitters up on the top for anything! Loki weighs a good 18 lbs and is almost as big as the shelf. I was afraid it would tip over, but it did not.

Chitters tried, but stayed on the bottom shelf. I went and layed down on the couch to wait for the phone man who never came, and when I woke up Loki and Chitters were asleep on the top shelf, Ethel was asleep on the bottom shelf, and Sadie was asleep on the arm of the sofa. I guess you would say this is another do-nothing day huh?

It is now 530 and I have been waiting for verizon to come install my jack in the office since noon. THey gave me a 12-4 time frame. PHFFFTTTT!!! I wonder if I pay my bill that way if they will let me slide? I am assuming they will be here first thing in the morning, and I have lunch plans. ah well.

Better go pick more catnip...

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