Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Oh Christmas Tree...

Oh Christmas tree….

Well The tree is finally up, The Blog is changed, The house is clean, the only thing left is the outside lights. This has been a real challenge, but as of right now, I am still in a really great mood. (SO FAR)

Trust me it has been tough. I knew that asking Bob to go out and help me cut my own tree again this year would bring a dirty look and a non committal grunt, So I hop in my trusty Mazda SUV (Yeah Yeah I know, But I like it) and head for Oak Harbor. I really try to combine all my chores into one day or two a week, so I wont go broke buying gas. I planned the trip out so I would not have the tree on the car while I went through the drive through at the bank, making my deposit. I also had to run into the Pharmacy, and the Farmers Supply store for Bird seed. Got everything done and then went to the Lions Club lot for my tree. Lookied at the first tree and it was perfect. 6’ tall and a nice Frasier Fir. Cost 50.00!!! Yike. So I look at the branches, and they were kinda limp, and my ornaments get heavy so I went to the Camden Fir section and the 2nd tree was PERFECT. So I had them tie it on the top of the car, and headed home.

I forgot I had to make the house payment at the bank in Coupeville, so I ran through it’s drive thru and scratched the window with a branch. OOPS. AH well, She laughed. I then headed over to Prarie Center and got kitty litter, a box of crab boil and meat for the weekend. Bob was due over and Donna was due home. Bob was bringing 25 lbs of fresh crab over, so I knew dinner would be easy.

I brought out the newspapers and covered the table with them. Made a cole slaw, and garlic bread, got out the big canner, and waited for Bob. In he walks with a huge burlap bag full of live wiggling crab, and drops it in the middle of the kitchen floor. Immediately there are 6 cats all circling the sack and trying to figure out if it was etible or would it eat them. Bob reached in and grabbed the first one out of the sack and the cats went running. We boiled them, cleaned them and pigged out. Each of us had one crab and there were 8 of these suckers, so we put them in the freezer. Oh I love a meal like that. Eating with your hands, ripping the legs off the body, cracking the shell with pliers, and sucking the the meat out makes you feel so FERAL!! GRRRROOWWLLLL!

Anyway, Donna did not make it home, she was staying in Everett. I fell asleep on the couch and Bob woke me up when he was going home. I had wanted to have him help me get the tree in the stand and secure. AH well, It was still on the car and getting rained on.

I woke up Late Saturday Morning, and standing in the corner right inside the door is the tree, leaning up against the wall. He evidently brought it in before he left. SO now it was getting dried out and I knew I had to get it in water.

I get out all the decorations out of the Christmas Closet. (yep, I have one.) and hauled out the tree stand. The tree was not heavy so I plopped it in the stand and then got on my sore knees and laid on the floor under the tree while I tightened the screws. I had two cats on top of me watching me, Loki staring at me from under the tree, and Sadie licking my ears. About this time the tree fell. I caught it before it broke out the window, propped it up with my hand, and then stood back up to re position it. 3 more times this happens and I am starting to get really PISSED!!! Im yelling at the cats, they run, Im yelling at Sadie, and she pees. And I’m trying to get the freaking tree off of me. I finally decide to wait until Donna comes home. I stood the tree against the wall in the honking big stand and watered it. Bob calls, He cant come over, he is putting in a hot water heater and Ron and Him will take all day to do that. (don’t ask) Donna calls, She is staying in Everett again. SO I call My sweet dear Sister. She isn’t home. I leave a message, and she does not call back. I am now behind schedule, as tomorrow was clean house day.

I finally get ahold of Phyllis and ask if she would come hold the tree up for me, She said she could not as she was tired, and out of breath. I hung up and threw a fit. (yep I do!)

Then clamed right down and told myself it would get done the next day. SO I am calmly sitting there at midnight finishing addressing Christmas Cards, and up she walks. She felt guilty and came to help ((TEEE HEEE!!))) and we got it up and secure, and tied to the wall. There are six cats and a dog in this house, no way was I gonna leave it. She went home, and I went to bed.

I got the lights on it the next day, and just left it that way until tonight. I finally got all the ornaments on tonight and it looks real pretty. I hate to do the lights, My son always did that, and I really miss him at times like this. I got out the favored ornaments, and put them on first. Timmy’s gold reindeer, with his name on it. Donnas green Christmas egg with glitter on it. (an original Leggs Egg) and the smuckers jelly lid with a picture of santa claus inside it, and the paperclip and felt ice skates. Always bring back the memories.

So now I am going to try to post this wonderful entry and see if it kicks me off. At least this time I wrote it in Word first!!! (getting smarter) I need to get on to bed as Phyllis and I are making a speed run into Burlington tomorrow. See ya…

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