Sunday, December 26, 2004

Silent Night....

I Adore Christmas Night, after Dinner is over, and everyone has gone home, the presents are all unwrapped, the house is clean again (sorta,) and it is sooooo quiet! I don't even turn on the TV all day except to get the news. I turn on classic King FM and listen to Classic Christmas Music all day! In fact it is on right now.

Donna is in her room, she spent the day with her in-laws. (teehee) the tree lights are still on, the dishwasher is running the last load of prime rib dinner right into the septic tank, and I am finally getting a chance to sit her and blog a bit.

last night was spent at Phyllis' house, where we opened our hand made gifts. I am getting (not finished yet) a lap robe from her in the most luscious purple chenille yarn. Yummmy. My Sister In Law made me a wood tote, 'cause Sadie chewed my other two up when she was cutting teeth. (for you non-wood burners, it is a piece of tapestry or canvas with wooden dowels in both end for handles and you fill it with wood to carry it in from the yard. Save your clothes. GREAT Item! My Nephew came over and stacked my wood pile. Bob brought me a cord of free wood, from a salvage job him and a friend did, and he split it but left it in the front yard. So Galen and sherry came over and stacked it for me, and then he raked the leaves out of the front yard! Whoot!!

Donna gave me two books on bird sounds and how to identify them COOL! And a book on how to keep from getting dementia! (Bitch!! ;) ) Santa came and filled our Stockings, and we all got really cool stuff like nite shirts and nail polish and SEE's Bon-Bons and FUDGE no nuts raisins only.

Today I cooked Prime Rib for the family. Mike was sick in bed, so Sherry and Galen and Phyllis and Bob and I were the only ones here. Tim called, he will be here tomorrow morning first thing. (we shall see, the Ferry ran aground tonite, so it may be a mute point now) He is bringing his "friend" over, SO I will get to meet Sandy. There is plenty of Roast left, so I'm sure he will avail himself of the opportunity to raid Mom's Ice box. It will be good to see both of my Kids together for the second time in a year! How cool is that?

Bob was twitching because I hid the Remote. (on purpose) and he had to endure listening to music all day. He likes classical music, and knows it very well, but there is something about the TV that forces him to pick up the remote and surf. The Messiah in it's entirety was played, so I handed the book of Music that I had that had all the choral parts and told him to follow along if he could. He did! For the whole 2 hours and 22 minutes he read the music note by note and part by part with the recording. He has never read music in his life, but he was able to keep up. I would love to be able to teach him how to read music, but I have forgotten most of what I learned.

I have on my new nite shirt, Sadie is in bed, the kitchen is clean, the living room is fairly straight, Donna is in her room and I am about to crash myself, So I hope you all had a Safe and Happy Christmas, I will see you all tomorrow morning. Don't wake me up...I've had a long day....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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