Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Storms a coming...(really?)

Yep once again, the weatherman is predicting a huge storm system marching in from the pacific. They are calling it the Pineapple Express, because it is tracking in from Hawaii, and the winds are expected to be warm and forceful. 50 MPH gusts, and tons of rain. Along with all this rain down here at Sea level comes FLOODING of all the rivers, and lots of snow in the mountains. This is a normal Wet December pattern. Now whether or not it really will be as bad as predicted is another story. I am going to assume NOT! But it could surprise us and be right on target.

Phyllis and I went in to COSTCO for our monthly load up. Starbucks French Roast beans are 15.00 for a BIG honking bag. SO I got a bag. I could have spent a fortune, but I stuck to my list except for a Christmas Present that I bought for Bob.

When I got home, I was so tired from lack of sleep last night, that I layed down to take a nap, and got a nose bleed. I went through almost a box of Kleenex trying to get it to stop. It just would not. Dad used to get these and we would have to take him into the emergency room and have his nose cauterized. Now that just not sound pleasant at all, so I kept trying to stem the flow. I was just about at the point that I was gonna call Mike and have him take me in to the hospital, when it stopped. This is the forth Nose bleed and by far the worst in several weeks. I do not know if my membranes are just really dried out or whether something else is going on. I will watch it.

The tree is still standing, and I am surprised. Tip and Tyler and Loki and Sadie love to play hide and seek under its branches. I just know it will tip one of these days.

Oh I scored a 300 sheet pack of card stock 12 x 12 in 20 different colors for 7.99!!! Since I usually pay .50 a sheet, I thought this was really a good deal. So look forward to some really colorful birthday cards folks!!

Sadie is whining to come in out of the rain, and it is time to corral her and put her in her pen for the night, so I will sign off too and go chase my dreams...

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