Thursday, December 02, 2004

Son in Snow...

Tim was born in Virginia, and up until this point had lived in Either California or Virginia. He had not had much exposure to snow at all. We had lived in Washington for about 2 years, when this cold snap hit. This was the week between Christmas and New Years, which is when the snow and cold usually hits. THe weather man had predicted snow, and TIm wanted it to snow a lot.

I suggested that we get our coats on and go out and do a snow dance. Donna and Jim just looked at me like I was nuts, but Tim and I went out into the front yard and started our ritualistic snow dance. I got tired after about 10 monutes but told Tim that in order for it to work, He needed to keep on doing it until it started to fall.

I went in and started fixing Supper. About 10 minutes later Tim rushes in all excited, "MOM! IT WORKED!!! IT'S SNOWING!" Being the sceptic that I am, I had to go see for myself, and sure enough, it was starting to snow!

Timmy In the Snow

It snowed all that night and most of the next day, and TIm made a snowman, and another snow "Something" and then was working on this snow ball fort when I snapped the picture of him.

He was so cold, and his cheeks were so red from the biting wind, but there was no way I was gonna get that little boy to come in out of the cold. I just let him play as long as he wanted to.

When It snows here, it usually is gone the next day, but this year the weather turned into an Arctic Blast, and everything froze. THe pipes, the streets, the snow, everything. School was out for WInter Break, so all the streets had kids and sleds on them. I have never seen a little boy play so hard, and have so much fun as he did that year.

When ever I come across this picture, I remember the way he looked all wide-eyed with wonder when he came running in to tell me "MOM! IT WORKED" Little Boys never doubt their Mothers wisdom. It is only when they grow into men that they forget. Pity that...

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