Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bye Bye November...

Wow, It is hard to believe that November has gone already! This has been the fastest year!!

I went out on some errands today, and was all agog at the Christmas decorations up already!! Duh! I guess I had better get my tree tomorrow after work. I think I will go with another shorter one again this year. I usually get the biggest, widest tree I can find, and then have to end up cutting the bottom limbs off to fit it in the stand, or the top off to fit it in the room. Last year, Bob talked me into getting a shorter thinner one, because of the Puppy. Good idea, but she Never went near it, except to bark at it. Big Brave Cocker Spaniel!!

On my way home, it was just starting to get dark, it was only 400 but it was a dark drizzly gray day, and the clouds were really thick, so no sunlight shone through. As I was coming up my street, there was a young lad walking on the side of the road. I saw him, and not knowing what they will do, I generally give them a wide berth! The young boy was about 9 years old. He saw me and waved, and then started to run right at the car. I slammed on the brakes, and started shaking. I put the window down and chewed him out royally for scaring me like that. "NEVER EVER run towards a moving car, I was Scared to DEATH I was gonna hit you" the poor kid got a shocked look on his face hung his head and slowly walked on home. I was getting groceries out of the car and saw that he was the kid across the street. I do not know them, but know that there are about 3 or 4 children over there. As I walked up the steps, I thought of my son, and how he was at that age, and I started to tear up. I called across the street and asked him if he was ok, and he said "yeah...."
I asked if he knew why I was so upset, and he said " yeah....." We talked a little and I could see that he was not upset any longer, and I think he thought I was some one else.

Then I felt much better, ran in and turned on the TV just in time for Oprah! OH GOD!! Should not have done that!!! It was a really good one!!! She made Christmas for a woman and her 9 children. That woman is someone special. I wish she thought I was! Anyway, I was fine until they showed the kids in the front row, and two of the youngest girls were crying with joy and wonder. That set me off. I called Phyllis, and she didn't even say hello, just said "I have to go to work tomorrow, I cant stand staying here and bawling!" We both laughed at the fact that we were both sentimental suckers. Getting old is terrible! I used to NEVER cry at sad movies, or animal movies, or homecomings or anything. Well I do now!!!!! Hormones!! Bah!!!!

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