Friday, November 05, 2004

Radio Gals

I am on a committee at the playhouse, called the PLAYDAY committee. We read scripts that have been submitted by the Membership, and then we pick 5 musicals, 5 comedies and 3 dramas. We then call an entire membership meeting called PLAYDAY, and we present on stage, 10 minutes of each play that we have selected. The membership then votes on which ones they would like us to produce for the coming season.

I am at this very moment listening to the funniest musical, (I read the script last night) called RADIO GALS. It is set in the early 30's late 20's, and it about a group of women who transmit on a radio show from Hazels livingroom. It is a cross between PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION and RED GREEN, And is so damn funny! It takes place in Arkansas, and the 5 women all play instruments. So while the daily happenings go on around them, they put the news to music. THrow into this mix two of the women are Old Matrons, very Manly.

I am telling you, this is a hoot!!!! I have never heard of it before, but I am so going to push this as one to present.

Others that we are considering are:
Little Women
The Man WHo Came TO Dinner
Papa IS All
Forever Plaid
Little SHop of Horrors (again, cause we got denied rights this year)
Steel Magnolias (aggain, same reason)
Sunshine Boys
Never too Late
Driving Miss Daisy
Country Girl
Caine Mutiny
Blythe Spirit
Father of the Bride
Come Blow your Horn
GIft of The Magi
The Gazebo
Man of La Mancha
Babes in Toyland
My fair Lady
Pumpboys and Dinettes

So as you can see I have a ton of reading to do. Out of all of these we get to produce 2 musicals, 2 comedies and 1 Drama. Tough choices!

Get involved in Your COmmunity Theater. You will not be sorry you did! THey all need volunteers, of all kinds.

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