Saturday, November 27, 2004

Winters night...

Yeah I know, it technically is still Fall, but tonight, It looks like winter. I took a long afternoon nap and woke up at 730 tonite. I walked into the dark living room and saw that the neighbors across the street had put up their Christmas lights. The shades were still up on my windows, and I just stood there looking out at them.

I went out to get the mail and this mornings paper, and as I was walking back from the street, I saw the almost full moon just coming over the top of the naked alders out back. I stood there looking over my roof at the moon and the star that I could see. It was a very bright moon which blocked out most of the starlight. I thought as I stood there drinking in the moonlight and breathing out the fog that formed in the cold air. It was beautiful. The dark navy blue of the night, and the bright pearly white of the moonlight, and across the street the blue of the Christmas lights.

There was no sound, not even Sadie barking. It was just still, and dark, and peaceful. A glimpse of what the world should be like. Almost an ending, and then a beginning, a rebirth, a starting over. I don't know why I felt that, but it was very much there. I have a really good feeling about the future. I told Bob just yesterday that I was really looking forward to this Christmas. Not for material things, but for the Holiday season. I'm looking forward to putting the lights up.
decorating the tree, sending out Christmas cards, receiving Christmas Cards, attending the Christmas concerts, listening to the Christmas Music, and spending time with the family.

Maybe it's because the house is fairly clean, The Living area is DONE, (Almost) and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is also the first Christmas Season in YEARS! And I mean at least 38 of them, that I have had nothing on my calendar. NOTHING. I'm not doing a play right now, and I'm not working. I can actually enjoy the season. Watch the Holiday movies, bake a batch or two of cookies at my leisure, and just BE.

Looking at that bright full moon gave me hope. Hope for my future, hope for the World's future, and hope that this feeling grows and extends beyond just me, and on to others.

The wolves just down the street are howling, and they just make the whole scenario seem perfect! Cold blue night, bright pearl moonlight, Natures primeval howl, and the cold Fall/Winter late November weather. AHHHHHHHHH Peace...

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