Saturday, November 20, 2004


I got away from the playhouse tonight at 5:00! Went in at 10! Only to find that I did everything all wring!! 6 weeks of work and it wasn’t right!! ARRRGGGHHHH!!

I stopped by the scrapbook store to get some glitter for my Christmas cards, and as I was heading down the sidewalk, I passed a man about 35, scratching his crotch! MEN!! No manners, NONE!

I then headed over to Albertsons to get a loaf of bread and some pledge floor cleaner. As I was walking in I passed a man in the parking lot, and as he passed he let out a huge BURP!!!! I shook my head and went on in to get my stuff.

As I headed down the cleaner Aisle I passed a man who had just farted. GAG!!!! I left in a hurry and you could hear his buddy just laughing away.

My friend Bob and I were walking down the sidewalk in Port Townsend a while back, and he hocked up a loogie and whuffed it right onto the sidewalk! I turned to him then and asked him what he would think if I did that. He laughed.

We were sitting in a movie theater and there was only two other couples in there and right in the middle of the movie, Bob Burps. LOUDLY! I slapped him in the arm and said BOB! And one of the other men in the theater Laughed LOUDLY, then you heard his wife say Jim! Whap and then the other man laughed, and WHAP!

I have been walking when men just close their fingers over one side of their nose and honk that bugger right on the ground. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!!!

I wonder what the men would do if we women started scratching our crotches in public. Especially if we were wearing skirts. I wonder what they would say if we hocked out our loogies right on the sidewalk. I wonder how far they would run if we were to fart in public LOUDLY and then laugh.

I think we should all get together and just start acting like them and see what they would do. Unfortunately I think they would not even notice. Men are such …. What’s the word… PIGS!!!! Just PIGS!!!! Why do we let them get away with this?

Wanna join me? Im taking a walk, I feel a big loogie way down in my throat.

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