Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday Blahs....

It is a grey and drippy morning, and so dark that I actually rolled over to go back to sleep thinking it was still real early. It is actually 8:00! A front moved through, and the temperature warmed up a bit. It froze for two nights, and Last night for the first time this year we actually had a fire in the woodstove.

I do not use the electric wall heater at all, and just heat with the stove. My daughter kept complaining that she was cold, and I just tell her to put on a sweater. I have a very warm internal heater. I am RARELY cold. I sleep with my head right at the open window year around, and am perfectly comfortable. As long as my feet and my boobs are warm, Im fine!

The rest of the family however...complains wildly. I have been remodeling/painting the Living/great room, and everything was piled in front of the wood stove, so we could not light it off. Yesterday it was really chilly, and I, in that rare moment,was cold too. DOnna jumped at the chance to build a fire. I offered, but she was so excited at the thought of being able to take her mittens and muffler off in the house, that she wanted to do it.

The Fireplace is a very small Lopi stove, and two logs is all that will fit in it at one time, and once it was lit, it heated the house right up. It was so funny! The door makes a squeak when it opens, and at that noise, and the sound of the crackle of the kindling, POOF!!! there were 4 cats and a dog all spread out right in front of the fire! Instantaneously!

the gang

After about 2 hours, Donna came in dressed only in her PJ's and sat down and said , "It feels so good to finally be WARM! My muscles are actually relaxing again." She exagerates greatly!

I keep the bedroom window open year round as I said earlier, for fresh air, but it also draws the heat through the house and warms up my bedroom. Last night It was so warm that I had to turn off the blankey and kick the covers off of me so that I could cool down enough to sleep. I didn't even have "Ethel the Heater Cat" In bed with me last night, she was spread out in front of the still warm stove!

I also am taking care of Dottie's two kitties again, and they are still at the spitting at the other cats stage. The baby did crawl up and curl up ON my book last night, and started purring. UNTIL Sadie, the little Bitch that she is, Barked, and then Tyler was hanging from the ceiling with all 20 claws! He is a baby Bilbo, and all I could see was two orange eyes!! He and Sadie will get along in about a week. Now Tippy the Older Siamese may never accept Sadie. She sat in the window all night and growled.

Yes folks, I do live in a zoo...Life with me is never dull.

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