Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Smoke (cough) gets in your (Choke).....

Choke! Cough! Gasp! Cough!!

I am sitting here blogwalking and my eyes started watering, and I was coughing, and I needed another cup of coffee. I get up and walk into the Living Room, and it is filled with smoke. I do not have a fire in the wood stove, so I headed for the kitchen. Yep!! the stove!

Now before I go into any more details, I must tell you I am NOT Martha Stewart! My Sister in Law even offered to clean my house before Thanksgiving, as a Christmas present. Not wanting to appear like my MOTHER, I told her it was already clean because of all the painting I have done. Last night I was on the kitchen floor, on my Butt, scrubbing the front of the cabinets, and under the fridge, because I dont want her to think I lied.

This morning, I looked at the oven!! ARRGGHHHH!!! It has not been cleaned in a year. Not since New Years last year! I have a self-cleaning oven, all I have to do is flip a lever, and hit a button and voila, it is clean. Well I never remember to do that. So this morning I did! and all the crap that was on the bottom of the oven caught fire and sent heavy smoke out the top of the stove, through the vent.

I am now sitting here with all the doors and windows open, the fan in the dining room on, and the candles all burning. The smoke is almost all cleared out. Sadie is not sure what is going on, she is right under the desk, laying on my feet and sneezing.

THe cats are hiding in the garage, and I am sitting here admitting to the world that I have (had) a dirty oven. It will be clean, with nothing to do but wipe out the ash when it cools enough to open and unlock.

Magic!! or at least it is sposed to be. WHat I am wondering is why the Smoke alarms did not go off. The shower steam sets it off, and sometimes the candles set it off, but a smoke filled living room did not? Hrmmmmmmmm.....


You Are the Stuffing

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