Friday, November 05, 2004

Why I Live in Washington...

mt st Helens sunset

This picture is one of the reasons why I live here in the Pacific Northwest. This is an actual picture of Mt St Helens this evening just as the sun set. It had been covered in fog all day so I did not expect to see anything when I clicked on the volcano cam site.

I caught it just as the color was vibrant, but the picture is still kinda blurry from the fog. At times the Olympic Mountains will look like that, and I have taken off from SEA-TAC heading towards Anchorage just as the sun was coming over the Eastern Horizon and sillouhetting Mt. Rainier with mauve and purple, changing to Orange and red.

The sunsets and the sunrises here are magnificent. Especially when it is getting towards the WInter Solstice. Must be the angle of the sun, but God it is GLORIOUS!!
THese are the Jewels that sustain us through the rainy gloomy days, and make it all worthwhile.

Nature makes me feel so insignificant with all of the wonder around me. AHHHHHH!!!!

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