Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fun toys!

Leslie over at Critter Lover's is always finding new toys to brag about. Her toys are the housecleaning kind, a new Swiffer, a sponge eraser for walls and tubs, a throw-away toilet brush etc. While I know that Leslie keeps an immaculate house, Everybody knows that I do NOT! I am allowed to live her by the grace of 4 cats, a dog and a bunny, oh and SPIKE my beta. All except Spike have long fur! ANd I mean LONG fur.

I do not enjoy cleaning house. I guess it is because I had to clean my mothers place if I wanted anyone to come over. She was a slob! And I mean a BAD SLOB!!! WOrse than anything you can imagine.

My house is nothing as bad as hers, (well, the garage might be) but I got to the point that I would rather spend my time doing things I want to do instead of CLEANING house. It's just gonna get dirty again. I just do not see the point! It's kinda like making your bed every morning...WHY? You're just gonna get back into it in a few hours!

Anyway back to the subject. I love making things with my hands, scrapbooks, dickens villages, putzing in the yard, woodworking things. ya know. STUFF!

I found the COOLEST new toy, and bought it for myself. It is a black and Decker Mouse Sander. Let me tell you, you all have got to get one of these things. They are so neat! THere was some sticky icky tapey stuff on the door, left over from where my renters duct-taped a dirty towel over the window. I ripped that sucker down as soon as I moved in. I could NOT get that tape off. I tried alcohol which didnt work, spic and span which didnt work, goo-gone which didnt work, and finally got out mr. Mouse. Off came the sticky stuff!!

The cats have scratched the window sills with their claws, and Mr Mouse made them really smoth again. It has this triangle flat surface with a velcro-y finish, and all the sand paper pad are the same way, so you just stick on a sandpaper and it stays on until YOU take it off. It comes equipped with a scotch brite scrubber too, so Im heading for the badly stained fiberglass tub as soon as I get back from WOrk.

who-hoo!!! Look out, Mary Lou is on the loose with a mouse!!!



Please send me your snail mail addresses if you would like to have a Christmas Card this year. Especially all you new friends

dreamer(at)galaxynet(dot)com DO NOT PUT A DOT AFTER GALAXY!!! just after Galaxynet

I am going to start writting them out nexrt week, so hurry!!! And tell all your friends that live in different countries that I would like to hear from them too. (need to get that map filled up) Tine was the latest one to send me her picture for my blog map! THANKS TINE!! You are so PRETTY!!!! She lives in Belgium.

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