Sunday, November 07, 2004

A lazy Sunday

I have no energy, NONE! It was all I could do to pull my arse out of bed this morning. I knew I had to get the livingroom ready for Robert to come put the baseboards up.

I have NEVER seen anyone who can put off finishing a job as well as that man can. First the one piece he put down yesterday was gapping so he had to run to Lumberman's and get some adhesive to put on the back of the base board. Then he could not get it cut right, then he tried calling a friend, who was not home...and he just left after putting on one piece of base board. I now have about 25 feet of wall done out of the whole house.

I have put thress coats of white Semi-gloss on the window sills and it is still showing through. The original finish was oak stained pine, covered with a high gloss clear finish. I tried sanding the finish off and that made it bleed through really bad, so I left on the finish and then painted over it. It still shows through. Especially where Loki tiptoed through it!! GRRRRRRRRR

I think I will go to Lumbermans tomorrow and ask their experts what will keep it covered. Maybe a good high gloss enamel alkyd will do the trick. Man it does look good from a distance though. Amazing what a dab of sunshine yellow and white will do to a dark dreary room.

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