Friday, December 10, 2004

Freaky Friday...

I woke up early this morning flat on my back with my hands up on the window sill. I could not move my left arm andwhen I looked over at it, Tyler the black "Bilbo type" cat was curled up by my ear silently purring and sleeping on my arm. He is such a love. I will miss him when he goes home.

Got up, fixed coffee and started blogwalking. SOmething has a hold on me and I kept falling asleep at the computer, so I said screw this and headed back to bed. I had just gotten to sleep when Bob came over to help put up the outside lights. While he was here I showed him my very crooked tree in its huge stand. He crawled under and tried to put it straight. We know that it should have more screw things on the bottom too but it does not. He went out and found some old cedar shingles and shimmed the tree up with them, and it seems to work. We shall see. I think next year I will get another tree stand.

I scrapbooked a few more pages from the pictures I had taken this year, and journaled some. And then the phone rang...TIM!!!!!!!

He called to tell me he took the settlement from GEICO INS. and now has all his fines paid, got his drivers license back, bought a cheap car, rented a house, has utilities in his name, Car insurance paid for 6 months in advance and has a phone and a cell phone!! He has a job that will last through the winter! (WHOOT) and actually has medical and dental insurance too. It sounds like he is actually getting his life back on track. OH THANK YOU LORD!!!! He even asked me what I wanted for Christmas. When I told him "My Son home for Christmas dinner" he hemmed and hawed and said well maybe. some things never change!!! :(

I am trying so hard not to get sick, but i dont think it is working. I have a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose. I just had a shot of drambuie on crushed ice, and I am warm all under, so I will go get my shower and get to bed.

Hope you all are having a nice Holiday season so far. I still have to finish shopping. ARRGGHH!!!

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