Saturday, December 18, 2004

December 18, 1919 Dad was born.

Wilton W. Brett December 18, 1919 - Nov 7, 1996

Today My Dad would have been 85. He died in 1996 from an embolism in his heart. He had Diabetes, and was on Kidney Dialysis. He was a very Strong man with a wicked sense of Humor. He instilled in us our love of the Natural Beauty around us. He was a career Navy Man, retired from that and went to work for CIvil Service on Base as a Firefighter. He was also a volunteer firefighter for COupeville. Dad was known by people from Baja California to Adak, Ak., and always had a wise crack for everything.

He married Mom in 1943 and stayed with her until she died in 1993. They would have been married 50 years had she lived another 7 months. It was not easy living with her, but his sense of loyalty was strong. And he stood by her through hell and high water.

When we were little, we would always put our tree up on this day, as a commemoration of Dad's Birthday, but mainly so the tree would not die before Christmas!! I do not follow that same tradtion, as my kids always wanted it up right after Thanksgiving. But every year when I get my tree, and start cussing at putting the lights on it, I think of my Dad, Cussing at his lights too. I miss him!! Very Much. (SNIFF) The old fart...

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