Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm DONE!!!

The shopping is done, the fudge is made, Im NOT baking…I don’t need it, so screw it! I remembered to take the Prime Rib Roast out of the freezer for Saturday’s dinner, I remembered to stop at Albertson’s and get the last minute fixings. I was going to make a batch of fudge again tonight, HOWEVER it seems that the bag of chocolate chips I THOUGHT I had in the cupboard has mysteriously disappeared!! (DONNA!!!!????) I always make two or three batches, one with nuts cause I like nuts and one with raisins cause Donna likes it with raisins no nuts,. And one with both for those that don’t care. Amazing isn’t it that the one batch I did get made is the one with the Raisins no nuts?

I finally have my Dept 56 village out, it is under the tree, not with snow because the cats would probably use it as litter, so I just put the village out and plug it in. Maybe this next year I will try to get a platform display area built for it. With plug-ins close to each house so the cords won’t show. I have 1 or 2 from several different villages, so now I need to decide if I want the Dickens Village, the Snow Village or Santa’s Candy Village. I think I want the snow village, as it is more contemporary, but I like them all, so MY TOWN will have all kinds of buildings, just like a real city!.


I need to wrap the few presents I did buy and get Phyllis’ stocking stuffers wrapped and ready for Santa to pick up and deliver to her house. (Don’t tell her, but I stuff her sock each year, as Santa has so many things to do, so I get it ready and hang it on the door knob and when he flies over he swoops down grabs it and delivers it to her house, She has never caught on. SO SHHHHHHHHHH!!)

The weatherman has just told us about all the nasty snow and ice ya’ll are getting all around the country. Washington State is I guess, the only place that ISN’T. The High sitting right off our coast is breaking down which will allow the pineapple express loaded with moisture to go on up and over the Northern part of it, which MIGHT bring some flakes to us by Christmas Morning. It will probably dump it all in Canada, and on Vancouver Island, and by the time it gets here it will be warm enough to turn to rain. It has only snowed for Christmas 17 times in 105 years! L L As Long as CJ gets her white Christmas, I can live without it.

Well I have last minute wrapping to do, and I need to run the dust mop twice around the room and get one more load of washing into the dryer. SO I had better sign off for tonight and I will check in on you all tomorrow morning. For you all on the other side of this big blue ball…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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