Sunday, January 02, 2005


I actually had several drinks last night!! First drink in MONTHS!! I had 3 bottles of Glenfiddich single malt scotch, and since Bob and Donna and I were having our New Year Dinner, I decided to crack one of the bottles open. Now these are not the 150, or the 750. or the 375 size , these were the little tiny sample size. I opened the bottle and poured 1/2 of that tiny bottle over the ice and added my diet Pepsi. HUSH! JUST HUSH!!! I LIKE IT THAT WAY!! I know, I know, it is a sacrilidge, but What does it matter, As long as I like it and drink it, it should not matter to anyone. I thought Bob and Donna were gonna come over the table at me.

We had crab, a spinach salad with almonds and craisins and a nice raspberry vinaigrette, and garlic bread. I put on the fancy crab stuff. (newspapers on the table, pliers and the nut crackers) and we sat and ate like it was 2005. It tasted so good!! After Bob left, I finished my drink, and went to bed! I was sooo tired. I slept like a baby from 800 until 1130 and woke up! Then I played the sleep for 30 minutes read for 30 minutes game until 700 when I decided that I was gonna haul my carcass out of bed, and get caught up on my blogging before Donna gets up and hogs the computer again. She will be here until Tuesday morning, and then she will go back to her MIL's house for the week. MIL will be coming back from the rest home probably in two weeks. She will need some help until she recovers from the hip replacement, but Donna won't be the one. She just stays there to feed the cat.

The sun is just starting to make it's way over from Eastern Washington. I just turned the news on and the weather shot was from Queen Ann Hill over the top of the Space Needle and right at Mt Rainier. It was silhouetted in navy blue with the sky behind it a pretty medium blue. Soon the sun will poke his head over the top of the mountains, and start making pretty on this side! It is a cold morning...Down in the mid 20's and that means the sky is clear, and will get light earlier. I do SO love crisp clear cold mornings!

It is hard to imagine Michelle and Vanessa waking up this morning to hot wind and sun! Winter should be cold! January should be COLD! I cant imagine the seasons being reversed!

I have just had my first sip of freshly ground coffee and that definitely opens the eyes!!

As you can see I have Bodacious Babe back up until I decide which picture to replace her with. I wish I knew who drew her, as I would like more that look like that, so It'll look like she just changed clothes. For those of you that have sent me cartoons THANKS!!! I don't know just when I will change her, and I may not. But I appreciate the help looking!

Only 9 more days until my Birthday!! For those of you who read this, If I don't have your Birthday I cant send you a card.....go clear to the bottom and sign up on the link there. I put it right under the other stuff on the side bar, but for some reason it is on the bottom of my blog where NOBODY EVER GOES!! And PSSST!! January people are Wanda 31, Joe 3, faith 15, bill and I on the 11th and Valkyrie on the 22nd!

Hope ya'll have had a wonderfully, safe and Happy New Year!!

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