Saturday, January 08, 2005


My son had a cat that he found in 1993 or 94 not sure which. Back before Tim lost his mind, He was an upstanding, squared away young man, working at the resort on Orcas Island, and was a volunteer firefighter. The resort was a world class resort, (so they said) and situated right on a Bay so that people could bring their boats right up to the Marina, and shop at the little store, and do their Laundry.

One day the Laundry had a dryer fire, and Tim ran up the hill got the Fire truck and came back with a crew to put the fire out. The Dryers were the gas dryer kind, that were all up along a wall, with a small space behind them. As the firefighters were pulling out all the fallen Lint and fluff from the back of the dryers, and getting the fire put out, they found a kitten. A little brown and black Manx kitten. Pulling him out, they had to pull all the Lint off of him, and that is how he got his name. Lint.

Lint is a cat like no other cat you have ever seen. Seriously, he is more dog than cat. He is a talker. He will run up to you outside and meowrr at you and give you looks as if to say, WELL?


Lint Came to live at my house when Tim lost his mind and became an Asshat! Tim had moved from place to place, and had taken Lint with him, but this time Lint could not go, so he was abandoned in the woods by the house Tim used to live in. When Tim got out of Jail, I asked what happened to Lint and when He told be I BLEW!

I came home one day about two months after that, and there was a note on the bathroom door, "My Name is Lint, and I drool when I purr." I cautiously opened the door, not knowing what to expect, and there sleeping on a towel was the ugliest flea-ridden-worm-eaten cat I had ever seen. He was a mess! I kept him in the bathroom until I could get him to the vet. He had chewed his backside until it was raw. Oh what a site.

175.00 later, after flea shot, worm shot, rabies shot, check up, other shots etc Lint was ready to meet the others. They knew there was ANOTHER one in the bathroom, as they communicated through the door. (My Cats HATE it when there is a closed bathroom door, it means Mom has ANOTHER one.) Lint got along fine with everyone, and Mariah could care less.

I kept him in the house for as long as I could. Lasted about 2 years. He drives you NUTS to get out to pee. He will NOT use the catbox anymore. SO he scratches at the door to get out. When Donna is home, he scratches at her bedroom door to get out. And to get back in, he hooks his claw into something on the door and pulls. It TWANGS!! Then he keeps it up until we let him in.

Lint visits the neighbors, walks up to them and carries on a conversation. They say they have never seen a cat like that. He climbs the chain link fence link by link until he can get on top, Never seen a cat do that either. He seems to have readily taken care of the rat population around here too.

When I got Sadie last year, she would not go outside unless Lint went too, Now when she sees Lint head towards the door, She is ready to go out. It is so funny those two together.

Last night we had a bit of a snow fall, Got the porch white. Lint wanted out, I told him he did not want to go out there and said he did, SO I opened the door and he ran out, and skidded to a stop. Looked back over his shoulder at me as if to say WHAT THE HELL? And came right back in. Learned to use that catbox (I Hope)...

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