Thursday, January 06, 2005

Where did Wednesday go...

I can't believe I did not post yesterday! What ever is becoming of me? Sorry! especially to those of you on dial up...I know how frustrating it is to wait and wait for some ones blog to load on slooooowwwwww dial up and then find out they have not posted for two or three days. Blogger ought to invent a way to link to your blog and let people know you have not updated since 1998! Or at least there should be a way to light up your blogroll!

THat gets me to another you blogwalk from your own homepage, or do you walk from your bookmarks/favorites on the tool bar? I use the toolbar, and hardly EVER update the blogroll. MY Bad!!! SO if you do not see your site listed, give me a shout, cause I probably have it on my favorites, and read you daily, just have not added you to the sidebar. You all know how much of a mess it has been for me to update my template!!

We are expecting a major winter storm this weekend. I have all my meds stocked up, I have PLENTY of wood, Just need to load it into the house. I have PLENTY of kindling ready to split. ( scored a haul of old cedar shingles from a shack Bob's friend was tearing down! ) I have stocked up on food, pet food and kitty litter, So now it can dump all it wants!!! (the weather, not the cats!) THe News just said that the south Sound area is getting Ice storms, and Up North they are getting snow. We are smack in the middle right in the Olympic Rain shadow, so we probably will not get anything. Sure would be nice to see white stuff on the ground with all the cold we have been having. A week of sub freezing weather. All Sunshine and clear, but COLD. I LOVE IT!!!!!

(Ok, Now that is just totally WRONG...I just watched an ad with Anna Nichole Smith for Trim SPa. Is it just me, or is there something terribly WRONG with her? I swear she is just totally OUT OF IT! She acts retarded!! Well She DOES!!! BRENT!! She DOES!!! I cant believe any reputable company would want her promoting their products!)

CRITTERS....I have a pair of flickers that are coming to the suet feeders now! Whew!! I was so afraid that the one that committed suicide on my dining room window was my one and only Flicker. But there is definately a male and a female there now. I also have Mort and Morticia DOwney Woodpecker. ANd Harry and Harriette Hairy woodpecker. So the Flickers have been dubbed George and Gracie. (hey they're Gray ok?) And the Juncos and Chickadees are pigging out big time, so something is getting ready to happen.

I need to get on with my blogwalk now, I will post more Tonight. Just wanted to apologize for missing yesterday. (Hey! It was HUMP day...I was hoping to get HUMPED!!!!!)

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