Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wednesday already?

GOOD LORD!! Where has this month gone!! I am going along here thinking that I have another ten days to get ready for Playday on THIS SATURDAY!! I have no idea why, but I completely and TOTALLY SPACED IT!!! I have two shows to present, one is LITTLE WOMEN, and One is LAURA. I have LAURA going ok, but when I tried to call a rehearsal for the kids, one of them remembered she has a Basketball Game and cant do it, ARGH!! Well if I have to I will just get up and give a 10 synopsis of what the show is about and why I wanted to present it. Once the Night is over, the Membership then votes in the plays they want to see.

I also have the Production Duties for the Next show on board, Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christie. An old English murder mystery, cute! Auditions for that one start Feb 7 and I have already gotten the press releases done, the audition posters up, and the staff list and budget ready to go. All I really need to do right now is set some light cues, go through the script and design the light plot. I really enjoy doing that. I have to write the press release after the cast is selected and then I am ready to move on to the designing the next show. Rusty is Directing and I am asst. Dir/producing a Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum. FUNNY SHOW!

During all of the Christmas activity at the Playhouse, the Main Computer crashed, with all the Season Ticket Holders info on it. All that had to be re-created, and is taking a long time. All of the member info and the address data base crashed too, so all of our mailings have to be addressed by hand. No labels!! So I spent the weekend doing that to send out Audition flyers.

I am on top of things right now, but it all dawned on me this week that I don't have ten days I have 3! It will be done! I work best under pressure. Tomorrow I have to wait all day for the DISH man to finally get here, I HOPE! I have the number of the man in the executive office, if things don't work out. What I don't know is how much wires they will have to install on this thing, for 3 TV's the office, my bedroom and the Living room. Or do they need wiring? Maybe since it is satellite the little boxes just send a signal. We shall see. Then Friday I rehearse both shows, and fix a giant Lasagna for the Playday dinner. Saturday is the actual Playday and then Sunday I think I will make Bob take me out to dinner. He owes me one! Although I did get a really nice Dremel Tool, with 6 accessories. I had been wanting one, and now I have one. :)

I really need to get out and take a long cleansing drive!! Camera charged and ready to go, tank full, just need to get out and DO it. I am enjoying Retirement, but sometimes I really need to escape and just go clear my head. And being on a limited income is not conducive to a lot of playing. I wish some one would pay me to just drive around and take pictures. Now THAT would be really COOL! I'm not that good though, and now everybody has either a 35 mm or a good digital camera, so photographs are a dime a dozen. I still wish they would just pay me though. I could handle that...

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