Sunday, January 09, 2005

A little book Meme...

I found this over at Blogeois place. I will admit that I erased a bunch of her books, so click on the links and see how well shelved the rest of the world is!

Here’s how this one goes: Copy this list, delete the names of the authors you don't have on your home library shelves, and replace them with names of authors you do have. Bold the replacements.

1. Nora Roberts
2. Sandra Brown
3. Barbara Delinsky
4. Elizabeth Lowell
5. Catherine Coulter
6. Dana Stabenow
7. Time-Life
8. JA Jance
9. Irving Stone

10. William Shakespeare

Tracks back to The Cheese Stands Alone to The Fire Ant Gazette to White Pebble to Philobiblon to The Little Professor to New Kid on the Hallway and who knows how much further back

As you can see if you follow these links, They are way more well shelved than I am. I say well shelved rather than well read because I have read most of them, but way back in my College days, and now I read for brain candy and escape. And Thus the pulp literature you see here. The William Shakespeare book is a gift from Bob, who bought it way back when, then cleaned his house took it to the book shop and sold it back, then when he found out I wanted a book like that, he went and bought his OWN book back!! For a higher price mind you!!!
Well Pooh, the links dont work, I must not know how to do it right. But if you do go to Blogeois' she has them all. Who knows you might even find a new friend!

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