Monday, January 10, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

loulie 3

When I was sorting through albums looking for pictures to put in Phyllis' Scrapbook, I ran across this one. This was my 3rd Birthday. I was in San Diego while my Mom was waiting to have Phyllis, so we could go meet Dad in Honolulu. We were living with my aunt, and I remember this cake! I remember the animal crackers that were part of the merry go round on the top. I remember the kitchen, and the door going right out into the rose garden, and My Aunt (I think) telling me to keep my fingers out of the frosting. (yeah Right)

I have had a load of cards in my mailbox the past few days, and Let me tell you, It made my DAY!!! I have never received so many cards and it means a lot! I have met so many friends through the Blogsphere and I feel like I have known most of you for years!!

I thank You very much for remembering my special Day, and making it one I wont forget.

We have another Birthday today too!! Run over to prairie point and wish Bill a happy birthday also. We discovered through our blogs that we have the same birthday!!


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