Friday, August 25, 2006

winding down...

I was out back today looking at the plants and Lea's fruit trees. We have not had any rain in almost a month so everything is very very dry. It has been colder than normal here too. My grass is all brown, and looks dead. The roses have seen the last of their blooms for this year I think, and the house plants that I put on the deck during the flood and mess, have all almost died of sunburn. All except for the ficus tree, which has perked right up and says I LOVE IT OUT HERE. I gave all the pothos a big haircut, and hopefully they will recover. I have had the main one for over 22 years! and the others are all grown from cuttings off of it. I never knew they would sunburn so badly!

My apple tree that Dad gave me to plant when I bought the house has decided that it is a crab apple tree, and is growing like mad. It is taking over the front yard. It is so pretty in the spring, just loaded with bright pink flowers, but the crab apples stay really really small, about the size of a small olive. Lea's plum trees, did not produce any fruit of note this year, The wind storm we had just as everything bloomed, blew the blossoms all away before they were pollenated. I was hoping for more white plum jelly. Donnas fig tree has three branches and no figs this year. It had one, but it is gone!

I will go out this weekend and trim back the wisteria, as it is taking over the neighbors house! It gets real invasive if I dont chop it back every other year or so. It is just starting to really bloom well every spring, it is over ten years old now. So for the fall and winter it will be smaller.

I will also prune back the roses in back, and cut down the two unruly rose bushes out front. Maybe move the one yellow one out back, but the floribunda one is too big and wont stay put!

It is time to start winding everything down for the year, and start thinking about getting ready for the winter. Before you know it, the bad westher will be upon us and then all the good intentions will never get handled. Make hay while the sun shines, right?

I am going to go visit Tim this weekend, Visiting hours are only Saturdays and Sundays and State observed holidays from 10-3 PM so since it will take a full 4 hours to get there, I will have to be on the first ferry out Saturday morning. He is on the Hoh River rd. right at the rain forest, and that is on the back side of the olympic penninsula from us, closer to the ocean. It should be a pretty trip, and if the weather holds good, and the traffic isnt bad, I will get lots of pictures of the forest. I doubt I can take pictures in the prison though. (as if he would want any taken anyway) I will try to be on the last ferry back, so that will be a really long day for me. During the Winter, the road will be a mess, as it freezes over there a lot more than here. I want to get this visit over before Labor Day weekend traffic hits, as the tourists hog the ferries, and all rush home before school starts. LAst weekend for camping too. UGH! Lots of motor homes on those winding 2 lane roads. eeek.

Loki is telling me it is time to turn off the lap top and pay some attention to him. Sadie is in her pen snoring loudly and I have classical music playing softly on my bedside radio, and a cold breeze blowing in on my face, so I will close this off, pet Loki, and read some more of Stephanie Plum. Gotta see if she screws Ranger this time.

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