Friday, August 04, 2006

Still Gone :(

I have been up and down all the streets, looked in all garages, asked everybody I can see, went to WAIF (animal shelter) and the Vet in town, and still No Chitters.

It is really heartbreaking not knowing what happened to him. I dont want to think that he is laying hurt somewhere, or worse yet, locked in a garage or car and starving to death. He was not a fat cat, so He would not last very long with no food. Even Loki is walking around the house calling for him.

I miss my sweet baby kitty more than I can say. I will a post about him when it isnt so raw. I cried all night the other night and got up with frog eyes! YICK!!

The Kitchen floor, and the utility room floors are in! the New hot water heater is in, and the bathroom is done, and the toilet reinstalled and flush tested!! YIPPEE!!!

I have 28 boxes of laminate and 3 rolls of padding in the middle of my living room. SO Monday morning at 815, they will start the laminate. THen on Thursday they will install the carpeting in the bedrooms, and they will be done!! Finally!!

Barb is coming over tomorrow and we are gonna paint our little hearts out in the living room. I ordered some really cool wallpaper and border that will tie the Livingroom and the fireplace wall all together, That will be NEXT weekends project.

THis has been a LOOOONNG 3 months!!!! I am so afraid to wash a load of clothes when I am not right there watching it. I am sure I will get over soon though.

I took the car in today and got the sock replaced on the oil filter. (Did YOU know oil filter had socks on them? It was all gooky and full of junk, so that was probably the reason it cut out on me. THey checked the baffles and they are fine. THey dropped the tank to do this, and there does not appear to be a lot of water in the tank, they would have drained it but I said HELL NO! I just filled it, and I cant afford another 5o.oo to fill it back up. They laughed. I tested it by taking West Beach road home, and I floored it going up that long steep hill, and it just zoomed up it. and going up Sherman Hill on the hiway it zoomed up it too. Thank You Bob for fixing that for me. WHew. I will pay him back when I get my tax refund next spring.

Things are starting to look a bit sunnier. Now if I can only find my Chitter Babies home and healthy. SIGH!!

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